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What Makes a Great Trash Removal Service

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After your home clean up, you will gather trash that require to be removed from the home as fast as possible. This is because it can act as a health hazard and also make your home to look bad. For the waste to be dumped off from your home, you need to hire a trash removal service to help you complete the project. You do not have to work with any service that you come across in the market. There are some qualities you need to look in a service to be assured that you will get high quality trash removal from your home. Here are some qualities that make a good trash removal service.



A good service must demonstrate high level efficiency in its work. The efficiency of a service is determined on the time take to do the work, cost and how it adheres with the agreement with the clients. You will know whether a service is efficient from recommendations from past clients or the way the staff answers your question when you contact the company for more enquiries.

High level customer service

The customer service department in any company acts the face of the company. The quality of service you receive from this department is likely the same that you will get when you hire the company to offer you any kind of service. A good trash removal service should have a customer care department that handles clients with dignity, respect and offers any kind of information required about the company.


A good service must demonstrate high level honesty in all its operations. Without honesty it is hard for a company to sustain its operations because clients always look for a service they can build confidence and trust. For instance, a good trash removal service must be honest with you it has the ability to handle the size of trash that you want to be removed. If it cannot do it, then the service should be honest enough to recommend another company that has the ability to offer you. In addition, if a company cannot finish the work within a given time, it should inform you instead of taking up the work and then end up disappointing you.

Many qualified employees

A highly reputable trash removal service such as Eagle Dumpster Rental should have many employees to ensure that it can handle as many projects as possible when required by the clients. With many employees the service increases its chances of carrying out projects at the same time and satisfies them. When it comes to size of work, if you have a lot of waste that you require to be dumped a company with a lot of employees will be able to work on your project within the shortest time possible.


Heavy machinery

There is no way a trash removal service will be able to offer high quality services, it does not have heavy machinery to help dump off the trash. Therefore, a good service must have machines that will help carry out any size of project to enhance efficiency.

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental Tips

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If you are taking on a large cleaning or demolition job, you may consider hiring a dumpster service to help you dispose your trash. Finding the most reliable service provider can be daunting. This is because the market is full of these services. Therefore, you need to do your homework pretty well before settling on any service provider out there.


There are several things to look at when renting dumpsters. Actually, you should not just hire anyone with a container on wheels to handle your trash removal. Explored in this article are some helpful tips on how to choose the best dumpster rental service.

Determine Your Needs

Firstly, you should determine your needs. Decide on what kind of job you need the trash container for. You may be undertaking a cleaning job in your home or demolishing one of your premises. Either way, you should look for a provider who is going to meet your needs. So, determine your needs first before you start shopping around for a suitable agency.

Do a Thorough Research

Next, consider doing you research pretty well. Start by asking around. Talk to your friends or relatives to know which dumpster rental services they usually hire. You can also search for a service provider online. You should invest your time properly to find the right service for your needs.

Reputation in the Industry

Again, check on the reputation of your prospective company. It is true that these service providers are not created equal. Thus, you need to look for an established and legitimate dumpster rental company in your area. Find out if there are any complaints filed against your prospect company before hiring. This will enable you to make an informed decision.

Size of the Dumpster

Also consider the size of the dumpster. Note that dumpsters come in different sizes. The common sizes are 15 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards. This will actually depend on the company you hire. Selecting the right size for your job will actually save you money and time. Always choose a container that you are sure will fit all your trash to avoid making further schedules.

Price Comparison

You should also compare prices offered by different companies. Note that these providers charge different prices for the service they deliver. So, you need to obtain quotes from various companies and make a good price comparison. After all, you want to land the most affordable service out there.

How Dumpster Rental Service Works

A dumpster rental service will provide a wheeled large metal container that is open at the top to allow you put all your trash. The rental company you hire will bring the container to your home or construction site property. You may instruct the driver to drop off the container at a specific location. Then, you can start filling the container with trash until it reaches its maximum load limit. After you are through, you are expected to contact your rental company to come and collect the container. The service provider will actually take your trash either to a landfill or recovery facility.



Nut-shelled, you need to find out how the trash will be disposed. Get to know whether it will go to a landfill or will be taken to the recycling facility. Ask your dumpster rental service for any information you may want.

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Dumpster Rentals For Home Construction Projects

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Home addition and remodeling projects always bring lots of excitement. Perhaps the most exciting part of the project is looking ahead to living in a home with all kinds of nice upgrades. However, while in the midst of the project, you are going to likely need a dumpster rentals austin to rid yourself of the large amount of waste that will accumulate during the project.

remodel1The challenge with reserving a dumpster rental for home remodeling project is deciding which type and size of dumpster you will need. Here is a quick guide to some common projects to help you decide:

Bathroom Remodels

This is a popular home remodeling project today, especially in older homes. Some of the newer bathrooms contain dual sinks, whirlpool tubs, and other amenities. When upgrading your bathroom, you will likely need to tear out some walls, flooring, cabinets, and perhaps your old sink and tub. Depending on exactly what you need pulled out of your old bathroom, you may need a medium to large size dumpster – between 20 cubic yards and 40 cubic yards.

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodel is likely to be an even larger project than the bathroom. Old appliances should be hauled away separately, but there will still be a lot of walls, cabinets and flooring to tear out if you are looking to expand the size of your kitchen and perhaps even add an island and an area for a breakfast nook. For this project, the dumpster rental size will likely be at least 30 cubic yards.

Finishing the Lower Level

One of the most popular home remodeling projects today is finishing off your lower level. With the housing market still a bit questionable, many homeowners needing additional space choose finishing the basement over the work and expense of putting the home on the market, finding a new home that is suitable, paying closing costs, and going through the whole headache of relocating. If you like the neighborhood you are in, why not stay in your current home and just expand the living space with a newly finished basement?

The challenge is that you will need to tear out a large portion of the current lower level before you can have the new materials brought in. If you are working with a builder, they will know the type of dumpster rental needed for a project this size. If you are doing it yourself, you always want to err on the side of renting a larger size, rather than a smaller one. In most cases, 40 cubic yards should be the right size for finishing off a basement.


Re-Shingling the Roof

One common project that needs to be done every 20-25 years on a normal roof and every 5-10 years on a flat roof is putting on new shingles. If your home is average size – say 1500-2500 square feet, you will definitely need a large dumpster for all the old shingles you will be tearing off. The dumpster needed will need to be able to accommodate a large amount of weight for the old shingles. For this job, you may want to consider a large sized roll-off dumpster. Speak to your dumpster rental company about the proper size for your circumstance.